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Why wait for days to see a non-specialized doctor for your little ones when you can use KixCare to see highly skilled pediatric registered nurses and nurse practitioners at a moment’s notice. With KixCare, you can quickly contact a medical expert in Waterloo who can listen to your child’s every need through a simple online service. Nos prestataires de santé expérimentés peuvent fournir le traitement without the usual long drive to the clinic.

KixCare est Ici pour aider

You can rest assured that your little one receives the best care possible when they are with KixCare. Our medical professionals have the compassion, insight and attentiveness to provide both children and parents with the assurance that they are being taken care of. So whether your child needs physical rehabilitation after an injury or assistance with special dietary needs, we can help refer you to the best care providers for the best treatment. Use our services at any moment with a click of a button on our website.

Une technologie qui Vous apporte la santé

Amenez la clinique, l'hôpital ou le cabinet du médecin chez vous grâce aux services de télésanté de KixCare. La télésanté est une méthode nouvelle et révolutionnaire de prestation de soins de santé. Grâce à ce nouveau type de service, les parents peuvent facilement prendre rendez-vous en ligne et faire diagnostiquer par un expert l'état de santé de leur enfant via des plateformes virtuelles.

Telehealth is also changing how we traditionally care for our children. There is no longer the need to sacrifice one essential for another with telehealth. No more being surrounded by other sick patients, bringing your kid in uncomfortable situations, or needing to go kilometres away to see a doctor or receive care. Use KixCare to stay in tune with the easier way of life.

Pas plus Salles d'attente et argent gaspillé

You can enjoy affordable healthcare with minimal waiting time for your children when you use our services. One-time appointments start at $59 per visit or subscribe to save on 24/7 care.

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Virtual Pediatric Visits from your home in Waterloo

Pediatric Expert Virtual Visits
Free with a valid health card in Quebec, and just $59/appointment across the rest of Canada.
Prix ​​de lancement : 33 $ par mois. Votre famille bénéficiera d'un accès 24 heures sur 24 et 7 jours sur 7 aux infirmières autorisées en pédiatrie. Notre équipe d'infirmières pédiatriques est soutenue par des infirmières praticiennes spécialisées qui peuvent diagnostiquer, prescrire et orienter au besoin vers des pédiatres et des professionnels paramédicaux. L'accès en ligne à nos ressources de soins de santé pédiatriques est également inclus.

Canadian Virtual Pediatric Health Visits

Consultation virtuelle avec un pédiatre
Free with a valid health card in Quebec.
24/7 Pediatric Care
Introductory pricing: $59 per month. Your family will receive 24/7 access to Pediatric Registered Nurses. Our pediatric nursing team is supported by specialized Nurse Practitioners who can diagnose, prescribe, and make referrals as needed to Pediatricians and Allied Health Professionals. Online access to our pediatric health care resources are also included.

Ce que les parents disent de KixCare

Lynzey P.
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"I love Kixcare!!!! It is so helpful to be able to have medical care for my children at the touch of a finger. We are all better now , thanx to the caring nurses and thier ability to quickly write prescriptions and diagnose the issue. One of my boys has severe respiratory issues and I was so realized I didn’t have to wait hours in the ER. Kept us out of the hospital and safe at home!”
Kerry M.
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“We had the BEST experience using KixCare. We were lucky enough to get a cancellation appointment that came available 45 minutes after we called. Dr Michaud was amazing – she was kind, empathetic, knowledgeable, and she arrived to the virtual call on time…”
Lucie C.
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“Definitely the way to get prompt, professional and courteous service. In the absence of vacationing parents (and under my watch for a week), I was concerned about my granddaughter's serious cough. Because I could not get an appt with the child's paediatrician for one week, I was pleasantly surprised to find that a video appointment was readily available through KixCare…”
Christine W
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“Knowledgeable and caring staff who follow up to ensure a solution has been found. There is also consistency among nurses so you can pick up from where you left off which is such a time saver and a smooth experience. I feel great knowing I can quickly ask a question regarding my kids health, often questions I would have brushed off if I didn’t fee they warranted an appointment or were time sensitive. I fully recommend KixCare paediatrician and nurse services.”
Gabriela K.
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“This is such an amazing service! During the RSV and flu outbreaks I was trying to avoid bringing my small baby to a crowded waiting room; and this is when I found KixCare! They checked his rash via a video chat and treated it promptly, professionally, and completely virtually! I am so grateful for finding them!”

Vous avez besoin de soins rapides?

Si votre enfant a un problème médical urgent, appelez le 911 ou rendez-vous au service d'urgence le plus proche